umINHO Finalists: Welcome to alumni comMunity

pre-registration at Alumni community 

Now that you are completing your degree, UMinho invites you to be a part of the future of our University and to maintain the connection with this academy that, for some years, was your home.

We challenge you to pre-register as Alumni UMinho, which will allow you to rediscover the pulse of this institution, that will always be watchful of the path and personal and professional development of all those who have studied here.

This pre-registration will only be formalized after the official completion of the course.

- Registration at the alumni community ensures former students access to the Alumni Portal and a set of services and advantages created exclusively for them, of which we highlight:

- Access to the University's Job Search platform, where thousands of employment and career opportunities are disclosed annually;

- Discounts on some continuing training courses;

- P​ossibility to participate in events specially organized for alumni, such as the Alumni Meeting held every year in September.

If you want to continue to be part of your university, fill out our pre-registration:


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t.  +351 253 601 034​​​