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Supporting our University by involving our Alumni allows us to help many students and to promote research projects and other initiatives, reinforcing our University as one of national and international renown.

We invite you to be one of the benefactors and patrons of UMinho and to feel the impact of this decision on our society and in the world.

Every contribution is important for the future of UMinho, whatever the amount. Everyone has the opportunity to support their University.

 Donations from notable individuals or companies have taken various forms and had different objectives in mind: financial donations, provision of equipment, the setting up of prizes and chairs, social action aid and artistic or cultural legacies.

Due to their great importance, the following donations are mentioned:

Nogueira da Silva Legacy


This legacy, made in September 1975, permitted the creation of the Museu Nogueira da Silva (Nogueira da Silva Museum).

The philanthropy of the Commendador António Augusto Nogueira da Silva, originally from a Braga family, was so great that the State and the Church distinguished him with various honorific orders. The spacious building that houses the museum, the work of architect Rodrigues Lima, its garden and positioning in the city centre, make possible complementary cultural activities such as those in the Galeria da Universidade (University Gallery), where temporary exhibitions are located; conference and concert auditoriums; or Fototeca, where various photographic archives are preserved.​

Teresa Salgueiro Legacy
CMM.JPG cmm3.jpg
In 1991, Maria Teresa Cardeal Andrade Martins Salgueiro, holder of a great fortune, not having any legitimate heirs and worried about the risk of her artistically important, mobile patrimony being dispersed, decided to donate a large part of her fortune to the University of Minho on the condition that the university institute a Cultural Unit in the form of a House Museum in her manor in Monção.

António Simões Legacy
ecs.jpg as amc.png

In 2013, António Simões, a Portuguese doctor living in the USA, donated real estate in the city of Porto worth over a million euros to the University of Minho, allowing the instigation of a chair (professorship) in his name to support the teaching and research activities of the School of Health Sciences.​

​​​​UMinho gratefully acknowledges the inestimable contribution of all the donations which have assisted the growth and affirmation of the University in the different domains: teaching, research or culture.

We are counting on everybody to proceed with our mission. If you would like to know more about making a donation to UMinho, or make a donation, contact us through the​ contact form.​