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A Mentor helps his/her mentee analyse, reflect and act.

The UMinho Mentors Programme, part of the “UMinho Pair Tutoring and Mentoring” project, is innovative in the university context. It facilitates global and continuous learning from when the student starts university (Pair Tutoring Programme) until s/he leaves, preparing for the labour market (Mentors Programme). This project and its related activities are parallel with and transversal to the various courses and scientific learning specific to each field.
The mentor/mentee relationship usually includes experiences and conversations on a wide variety of topics, on areas chosen by those involved, including discussion of the mentee’s worries and doubts in a professional context.

Coordination: UMinho Development Office
Scientific Coordination: Teresa Freire (School of Psychology)

More information: 
(+351) 253 601 035 / 253 60 10 30
CP II, 2nd floor, room 324

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