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Email and Electronic Services at UMinho​

Email service

Minho University provides its alumni with an email service for communicating and circulating information within the academic community. As an ex-student you may use an email box with anti-virus/spam protection and 50GB of space, integrated in Office 365.

The email identification is the same as that for the Portal Alumni.

You should access your emails via

For more information please contact the Technology and Systems Information​ 

 Wi-fi network

The University of Minho provides a wi-fi infrastructure for its academic community, made up of different hotspots installed in the Gualtar and Azurém campi, as well as in Largo do Paço and other places where students gather such as the Students' Union and the university residencies. The user may configure his/her own devices with the help of documents available at

Access to the wi-fi network is obtained in the same way as access to the Alumni Portal.

Remote Access

The remote access service VPN provided by SCOM allows the academic community safe access to UMinho-Net (UM's communication network) from outside the University. This service allows access to electronic services in the same way as if physically on the campi.

For more information visit the website or contact the Communication Services through ​​