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Scholarships, Prizes and Chairs


Students may benefit from the various UMinho scholarships and prizes available each academic year. In some cases, this is vital support for the continuation of studies.

These prizes and study grants are awarded in recognition of outstanding academic achievement and are an important support for achieving academic success.

[+] 50 Scholarships awarded by bodies/businesses

[+] 123 Sporting Merit Scholarships

[+] 15 Civil Engineering Merit and Study Grants ​

[+] 178 Scholarships for Excellence

[+] 40 Scholarships for Merit

[+] 5.474 Social Welfare Scholarships

[+] 104 Emergency Social Fund Grants

[+] Prizes awarded on the University of Minho’s Anniversary Day

[+] Prizes awarded on the anniversary of Schools/Institutes

[+] Chairs