The third edition of the INL Summit takes place on October 19th and 20th, at the Theatro Circo, in the city of Braga. The theme of the summit is “Nanotechnology: The new economy”. This is the largest Portuguese annual initiative on nanotechnology, organised by INL - International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory. The event features various national and international academics, industrials, governmental bodies, economists, investors and entrepreneurs, who will debate the impact and contributions of nanotechnology and how it is reshaping and transforming the future of the world economy, as it brings together the digital, physical and biological worlds.​


Trends, case studies, challenges and the most cutting-edge developments in the application of nanotechnology in different fields will be presented, including topics such as “Science not Fiction!”, “Nanotechnology and the 4th Industrial Revolution” and Turning Nanotechnology into Business” on the first day of the event. Topics for the second day include “Nanotechnology, Arts and Education”, with a debate about the impact of nanotechnology on the economy. 

As nanotechnology begins to have a larger presence in our daily lives, it introduces significant and swift changes in the way society produces, consumes, communicates and lives. Cellular implants, nano-machines that can navigate into the human body to identify and eliminate virus, bacteria or cancer cells, 3D printing of human organs, ultra-resistant and self-repairing materials, subcutaneous sensors, nano-optics applied to augmented reality and other innovations are one step away from being created in a near future. 

The International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory is the main Portuguese hub in the field and one of the largest in the world in nanotechnology R&D for the benefit of society, acting in four strategy areas: health, food industry, environment and nano-electronics. Multidisciplinary teams made up of member of 28 countries work side by side in a multicultural atmosphere. 


October 19th (Thursday) 
9 a.m.
 | Welcome session
Lars Montelius, Director-General of INL, Portugal
Ricardo Rio, Mayor of Braga, Portugal
Paulo Ferrão, President of FCT, Portugal
9.45 a.m. | Coffee-break 
10 a.m. | "Indistinguishable from Magic?" by Edwin Thomas, Dean of Engineering, Rice University, United States 
10.30 a.m.
 | Elvira Fortunato, Director of i3N, NOVA University, Portugal
11 a.m. | "Science & Technology Center for Integrated Quantum Materials" by Robert M. Westervelt, Director of Center for Nanoscale Systems, Harvard University, United States 
11.30 a.m.
 | "Seeing Small: There is Plenty Our Eyes Can’t See" by Paulo Ferreira, Director of Electron Microscopy Center, University of Texas at Austin, United States 

12.00 p.m.
 | Lunch
2 p.m.
 | "Innovation at Scale in Industry" by Marc Nolla Harvey, Director of Strategic Initiatives SAP DGTAL EMEA, Spain
2.30 p.m.
 | Rui Enes, Administrator of Delphi Automotive Systems - Portugal, S.A., Portugal
3 p.m.
 | "Defining the Safety of Nanotechnology Innovation " by David Carlander, Director Regulatory Affairs, Nanotechnology Industries Association
3.30 p.m.
 | Annemarie Holleczek Chassis Systems Control, Engineering components Localization, Bosch, Germany
4.30 p.m.
 | Coffee-break
5 p.m.
 | "Nanotechnology, entrepreneurship and industry evolution" by Francisco Veloso, Dean of the Imperial College Business School, United Kingdom
5.30 p.m. | Paul Packan, VP, Intel, United States 
6 p.m
 | "The combinatorial effect" by Gionata Tedeschi, Accenture Strategy Managing Director, Italy
6.30 p.m.
 | António Murta, Managing Partner and Co-founder of Pathena, Portugal
7 p.m.
 | "Invest in Deep Tech in Europe!" by Magnus Ryde, Partner at Spirit Ventures, Nordic and Baltic countries
7.30 p.m. | Closing speech with Manuel Caldeira Cabral, Minister of Economy, Portugal 
8. p.m.
 | Closing session

October 20th (Friday) 
9 a.m.
 | Nanotechnology, Arts and Education
Luís Miguel Girão, Director of Artshare, United Kingdom
Sylvia Leydecker, Architect, Germany 
Saulo Baretto, Director IPTI, Brazil 
Honor Harger, Executive Director Museum of ArtScience in Singapore
Kyu-Hwang Yeon, Head of Daegu Center for Creative Economy, South Korea
- Moderator: Prof. Tom Fleming, Director, Creative Consultancy 
11 a.m.
 | Coffee-break
11.30 a.m.
 |The Economic Environment (roundtable)
José Tavares, Professor, NOVA University, Portugal 
Luc Soete, Former Rector - Maastricht University, The Netherlands
Pedro Norton de Matos, Greenfest Mentor, Portugal 
Steffi Friedrichs, Directorate for Science, Technology and Innovation, OECD 
Nicklas Bergman, Entrepreneur & tech investor, Intergalactic Industries, Sweden 
- Moderator: Ricardo Costa, SIC Television Editor in Chief, Portugal
12.30 p.m
. | Closing session
Lars Montelius, Director - General, INL, Portugal 
Carmen Vela, Secretary of State of Investigation, Development and Innovation, Spain 
Manuel Heitor, Minister of Science, Technology and Higher Education, Portugal 
​1.30 p.m. | End of the event